Avid SaaS App Website Template

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Avid is a SaaS app website template built with Bootstrap and HTML to help you create beautiful and efficient online presentations for your web apps and convince visitors to sign up.

Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS and JS  •  Header video  •  Statistics numbers  •  Details lightbox  •  Card slider  •  Dropdown navigation  •  Extra pages


Built with Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS and JS it features video in header, statistics numbers for important values, details lightbox for additional information, card slider for testimonials and dropdown navigation.

Included extra pages: article, pricing, features, terms, privacy, log in, contact.

It creates a futuristic tech feeling atmosphere due to the dark style design paired with blue gradient backgrounds. The design has the ability to engage visitors into reading your content and making your SaaS app stand out from the crowd.

Built with

Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS, JS, Google Fonts, Font Awesome

  • This is an HTML template and requires good HTML/CSS coding skills and image editing knowledge for customization
  • Forms are inactive and they require your own implementation to make them functional