Bono Coming Soon Page Bootstrap HTML Template

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Bono is a coming soon page Bootstrap HTML template designed to help you create great coming soon pages with countdown timers, image galleries for upcoming websites, apps and more.

Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS and JS  •  Morphtext  •  Countdown timer  •  Image slider  •  Card slider  •  Image lightbox  •  Video lightbox  •  tabbed content  •  self-hosted video background


Built with Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS and JS it features morphtext, countdown timer, image slider, card slider for testimonials, image lightbox for large preview, video lightbox, tabbed content, self-hosted video background.

Bono features multiple design layouts with different color schemes and types of backgrounds from particles to video and image sliding backgrounds in order to suit any type of use-case scenario.

Built with

Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS, JS, Google Fonts, Font Awesome

  • This is an HTML template and requires good HTML/CSS coding skills and image editing knowledge for customization
  • Forms are inactive and they require your own implementation to make them functional