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Learn in just 3 days how to improve your online selling techniques by attending Juno sales training course



Juno training course will take you through 3 major stages of the online selling process and will help you sell better


Market Analysis

The best place to start is in your market. Analyse your customer profile, current positioning and your main competitors

  • Instructor: Pauline Smith
  • Time: 4 hours

Design & Planning

After a thorough market analysis the first step is to design a plan based on the findings of our complex research

  • Instructor: John Blake
  • Time: 4 hours

Requirements Study

Having good knowledge about the resources you need to carry out your plan is very important to the success

  • Instructor: Pauline Smith
  • Time: 4 hours

Taking Action

At this stage our team will help you take action and make sure you meet your goals for both revenue growth

  • Instructor: Pauline Smith
  • Time: 4 hours

Strategy Adjustment

Not everything can be predicted from the start so we'll help you be prepared fo the the unknown and adjust

  • Instructor: John Blake
  • Time: 4 hours

Evaluation & Control

At the end of the consultancy period we'll draw the line together with you and investigate if the objectives

  • Instructor: Pauline Smith
  • Time: 4 hours


1How Can Sales Trainings Help
At Juno solutions, we’ve taken the staffing concept one step further by offering a full service placement organization with expertise at every level more words needed.
Juno partners with businesses to provide strategic HR consulting, including workforce planning, talent acquisition and employee relations for the long term more words.
Building your team is an investment. You need to be able to trust the group with whom you partner and know that the results are going to be worthwhile more words.

Selling Online Is Easier

Campaigns is a feature we've developed since the beginning because it's at the core of Juno and basically to any marketing activity focused on results that actually matter.

To sign up for Juno you just need to fill out and submit the Signup Form and you get acces to 14 days of free trial.


Understanding Analytics

Analytics is a feature we've developed since the beginning because it's at the core of Juno and basically to any marketing activity focused on results.

  • Fill out and submit the form to create your user
  • Use the app and all of its features for 2 weeks
  • Before the end of the trial we will contact you

Juno's Training Will Help

  • Teach you how to analyze and understand your business environment for better decision making
  • Help you find hidden value in your courses and services and launch them successfully
  • Provide you with the best tactical ideas to act on your marketing strategy
  • Highly increase your confidence level to undertake bolder projects in your industry

Juno's Training Will Not

  • Waste 3 days of your life for nothing because the course is packed with highly valuable data
  • Provide you with untested methods and techniques because everything we teach is from real-life
  • Make you spend 199 dollars without improving your skills ten times more than you would imagine
  • Leave you stranded at the end of the course beacuse it will guide you towards reaching your goals


Affordable Options

Our packages are designed to fit the budgets of all companies from startups to well established organizations looking for premium services.

Each version has flexible options that can be ticked on or off your services list.

1 DAY - $29

Startup friendly package with the minimum necessities for a fast market growth and revenue increase.

  • Assigned project account manager
  • Market analysis and initial planning
  • Get ready to see fast results

ALL DAYS - $59

All the options for a complete business consultancy service. Only the highest quality and huge value.

  • All the options from the Basic pack
  • Tactical execution management
  • Evaluation sessions and reporting


We've assembled for you the greatest team of instructors with expertise in all major online selling fields


Ronald Spice

Web Designer


Marsha Singer

Web Designer


Roy Smith

Web Designer


Rune Green

Web Designer


QWhat is Juno and what can it do?

AJuno is a marketing automation saas app designed to improve your marketing campaigns and actions in order to grow.

QCan Juno cover all my marketing?

AOf course it can, Juno is a class leading application developed by great people with tremendous passion for good marketing.

QIs it worth paying that much for it?

AWell that's up to you to decide but we've prepared a 14 days trial period for you which includes access to all the features.

QHow can I signup and get started?

AJust fill out the Signup Form with your name, email and desired password and start using the app for 2 weeks for free.


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Use Our Expertise And Juno Tools To Achieve Fast Business Growth And Stable Market Positioning



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