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Kobe's latest ebook is a curated collection of sales and marketing strategies put together by knowledgeable entrepreneurs and marketers. They will help you grow your business faster and guide you around hidden startup traps.

Key Takeaways

  • Better Marketing: learn new online and offline marketing strategies to set your business up for market dominance
  • Improved Sales: make sales easier with our guide for small and medium businesses from industry experts
  • More Control: take control over your business processes and find affordable ways to optimize your operations flow
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I. Understand The Market Context

Understanding your competition and your economic environment is of utmost importance

II. Create A Good Action Plan

Now that you know your position in the customer's mind, it's time to create that great action plan

III. Learn To Spot Opportunities

When is the perfect time to launch a new product? Find your answer in our latest downloadable ebook

IV. Execute Your Strategical Plan

In the last chapter of Kobe ebook you will learn how to take action on your well devised business plan



Kobe's author is one of our long time partners and industry expert with proven experience in both small companies and large corporations. She loves to share what strategies worked for her and which didn't.

  • Worked for the highly acclaimed GeoVr startup
  • Founded the popular AR company VisionPlus
  • Teamed up with Kobe to publish ebooks

Although she is considered knowledgeable in all business aspects, her skills excel in:

Product Development 100%
Team Management 90%
Web Development 95%


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Delivered Projects


Quote Proposals


Case Studies


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Ebook Company

Guide to publishing your first ebook from writing tips to publishing tricks

collection image

Make More Sales

A curated collection of sales strategies for small and large businesses

collection image

Invest In Marketing

Online marketing and traditional tips & tricks for young business owners

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The Ebook Company


This ebook will guide you through all the necessary steps for successfully publishing your ebook. From writing tips to how to better understand your audience.

Short & easy read
About 30 pages
Real case studies
Resources list
Demo scenarios
Ideas collection
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How To Make More Sales


Read through our latest collection of sales strategies for small and medium sized businesses. The ebook is perfect for young business owners and managers.

Easy to read format
Accessible language
Terms are explained
35 pages of information
Real life scenarios
Industry expert authors
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Invest In Marketing


We've compiled an awesome collection of online and traditional marketing tips & tricks. Success is guaranteed if you can implement our recommendations.

101 tips and tricks
25 pages of information
Experienced authors
5 real case studies
Resources lists
Business success stories
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We're constantly developing new and interesting ebooks for commercial and non-profit use. Stay on top of everything related to sales and marketing withe Kobe's collection of free ebooks.

Rose Henderson - Kobe Publishing