Hi I am Nico and I write, teach, speak

Below you will find a few details about my life, skills, and my work in writing, teaching and speaking

Few words about me

My primary passion is writing. I love to write just about anything that inspires me. In time I developed a preference for the tech field, especially web development. Soon after that I also started to teach about writing and speak at conferences


Tech Writing

I've been writing my entire life. Started with fiction, social issues but now settled on technology and web development

Teaching Courses

Most of my courses and videos are about copywriting and freelancing. Many viewers and students expressed their gratitude

Public Speaking

Public speaking was a natural progression after writing and teaching. I attend a couple of technology focused events per year

Offered services

I would love to use my skills to help your project. My expertise spans from copywriting and tech writing to teaching courses and public speaking

  • Business strategy

    Based on my experience working with fast growing startups I can offer ideas for your business strategy

  • Marketing planning

    While trying to build my personal brand and sell my copywriting services I've learned a few marketing tricks

  • Copywriting services

    I can create marketing copy, sales literature even blog posts so don't hesitate to get in touch for a quote

  • Tech writing services

    You've built a software product and now you need to create your documentation? I am here to help with that

  • Teaching videos

    The easiest way to help someone learn how to use your product is with video tutorials. I can create them for you

  • Conference speaking

    I can speak at your conference about writing, teaching and how to create a successful business based on skills

Contact me today if you have a writing, teaching or speaking project. I am available anytime at moderate costs

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Delivered projects

Here are some of the projects I am most proud of. I am grateful for working with some amazing people from which I had the pleasure to learn a lot

Freewriting.com - Blog about writing and freelancing for starting copywriters
Learntowrite.com - Video tutorials on how to write about the subjects you love most
Freelancelife.com - Dedicated course on how to become a freelancer and work from home
Buzzerpal.com - Here i teach about writing marketing plans and business strategies
Strategize.com - Articles and resources about solopreneurship and making money online
Copyresource.com - Resources lists about copywriting, tech writing and all related
Skycentral.com - List of the best public speaking conferences around the world
Coursestart.com - Together with my business partner we created a courses marketplace
Quicktuts.com - Short and to the point video tutorials on just about everything tech related

Worked with the best

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Contact details

It's easy to get in touch with my main office and inquire anything about my writing, teaching and speaking services