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Still looking for the perfect mobile application to track your finances and health status? Riga is the perfect tool for impressive results in the shortest time

Set Objectives

Like any self improving process, everything starts with setting your goals and commit to a serious deadline

Visual Editing

Riga provides a well designed and smooth visual editor for you to edit your notes and input data the entire day

Refined Options

Each option packaged in the app menus is provided in order to improve finance and health statistics on the long run

Calendar scheduling

Schedule your appointments, meetings and periodical evaluations using the provided in-app calendar option for regular users. This is a core feature and you should try to download the app


Easy reading mode

Reading focus mode for long form articles, ebooks and other materials which involve a lot of text. It also features an accessible dark mode

  • Night reading mode with reduced lightning and color intensity
  • Monitor the number of steps that you take every day to work
  • A strong mind in a healthy body will enable you to perform

Solid foundation

Get a solid foundation for your finance management and health improvement needs. Try Riga mobile app for your smartphone and get started today. It's recommended by industry specialists


Track results in real time

After you've configured the app and settled on the data gathering techniques you can now start the information trackers and start collecting the details.

Goal Setting

Everything starts with goals setting and commitment

Visual Editor

Get access to a well designed and ergonomic visual editor

Refined Options

Each option packaged in the app's menus is provided

Calendar Input

Schedule your appointments, meetings and evaluations

Easy Reading

Reading focus mode for long form articles and books

Good Foundation

Get a solid foundation for your finance management

Multi Platform

Use Riga on all popular mobile platforms and devices

Location Free

Riga is a versatile app that works anywhere in the world

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Riga and what can this app do for me?

Riga is a personal development and health app designed to improve your finances and health levels in a short amount of time.

2. Can Riga cover all my personal development?

Of course it can, Riga is a class leading application developed by great people with tremendous passion for personal development.

3. Is it worth paying that small amount of money?

Well that's up to you to decide but we've prepared a 14 days trial period for you which includes access to all the features.

4. How can I sign up and get started with the app?

Register with your name, email and desired password and start using the app for 2 weeks or more. But first download the app

5. What does finances and health improvement?

It means that you select your customer base based on their profile and you target your campaigns based on their priorities.

6. How are refunds handled by your support team?

If you are 100% sure that Riga is not good for your personal development we will reimburse you your money immediately.


Happy Users


Issues Solved


Good Reviews

Analyse and evaluate your current status and productivity. Monitor your tasks and schedule then go ahead and download the app


I just finished my trial period and was so amazed with the support and good results that I purchased Riga.

Jude Thorn - Designer


I don't know how I managed to get work done without Riga. The speed of this application is amazing!

Roy Smith - Developer


This app has the potential of becoming a mandatory tool in every marketer's day to day operations flow.

Marsha Singer - Marketer


Searching for a great marketing automation app was difficult but thankfully I found Riga.

Tim Shaw - Designer


Riga's support team is amazing. They've helped me with some issues and I am so grateful for their fast response.

Lindsay Spice - Marketer


Who would have thought that Riga can provide such amazing results in just a few weeks with an easy learning curve.

Ann Blake - Developer


Understand your life work balance and prevent burnouts. Download Riga to improve your life style

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