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This year's Rose is all about learning from the speaker's experience, sharing enthusiasm with like minded professionals and networking of course. Get updated on the latest industry.

We'll focus on the necessary steps for launching a successful online business but we'll also touch subjects like leadership and marketing so don't miss out and Register Now

Network With Peers

See what others are working on and receive constructive feedback for your projects from peers

Take Part In Contests

Get ready to rumble and take part in our fun contests which reward fresh and innovative thinking

Attend Workshops

A new part of Rose which we are proud to introduce as of this year's edition is the workshops section

Event Agenda

Highlights from this year's online marketing event are Kathy Blake's artificial intelligence keynote and Mark Tucker's award winning workshop

Guest reception, morning coffee

What better way to start the day and to enjoy an event than eating delicious cookies and drinking italian coffee?


How to jump start your great online project

Kathy Blake which is now in the fifth year of managing the largest online retailer will deliver an awesome keynote


The perfect team for developing apps

Sam Rowling will help you understand what it takes to build a great mobile apps development team from scratch

Lunch, coffee and networking for everyone

At this time of day everyone will be thinking about food so no presentations here, just an awesome lunch


Hybrid or native which is better for you

Mark Tucker software developer for Jumpster will help you understand which option is better for online marketing


How is UI/UX affecting online marketing

Vicky Smith will take you through a 5 stage process of understanding why UI/UX is so important for marketing


Event Speakers

Rose features experienced professionals for this year's edition, which come from different backgrounds but hold the same high level of enthusiasm

Frequent Questions

  • 1
    Whom is this event intended for?

    Rose event is organized for both aspiring and accomplished designers, developers and marketers around the world.

  • 2
    Why should I come maybe it's a waste of time?

    You should come to Rose this year because it will be one of the most information packed events of the year.

  • 3
    Any restrictions that I should ba aware of?

    Yes you definitely need to leave your preconceptions behind, keep an open mind and enjoy the presentations.

  • 4
    Do I need to bring my own pen and paper?

    No, of course not, you don't need to bring your own pen and paper because we have you covered with the usual bling.

  • 5
    Can I bring my friend or team mate to the event?

    We encourage you to recommend Rose to all of your friends in the industry and bring them to the event.

  • 6
    What are the costs to attend Rose this year?

    Well everything is free besides accommodation. We prepared a great coffee to energize the day and an awesome lunch.

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