What Are You Going To Learn

You will learn how to analyze your environment and identify marketing opportunities that generate great results with minimum effort. We'll focus on teaching you how to invest your time and money in marketing actions with long lasting effects as opposed to short term ones like paid ads

Who Should Attend

  • Designers looking to improve their skills
  • Developers searching for basic know-how
  • Tech-savvy users working on digital products

Key Class Takeaways

Take Stream's live class and learn about the 4 key pillars of efficient online marketing. With these in mind you will design better marketing plans and sell more of your products

Outstanding Product

Without an awesome product your marketing actions will only be a waste of resources

Perfect Launch

Learn how to orchestrate the perfect launch using dedicated online tools and apps

Influencer Marketing

Create long term partnerships with great influencers from your industry

Focused Blogging

A good well-indexed blog will help you establish yourself as an industry expert

Live Class Summary

1. Analyse your product strengths and the environment

1.1 Find out how your product is positioned in the marketplace and take advantage

1.2 Use the information to create a solid foundation for your marketing plan

2. Create a marketing plan focused on organic actions

2.1 With limited resources the best approach is actions with long term effects

2.2 Paid ads consume a lot of resources and have short term effects

3. Establish win-win partnerships with industry influencers

3.1 Use online tools to find the most active influencers in your industry

3.2 Find ways to offer value before asking for help with marketing


Product Strengths

Find out how your product is positioned in the marketplace and take advantage of the position. Use the information to create a solid foundation for your efficient marketing plan

  • Your product is the most important marketing asset
  • Understand how your users consume your product

Marketing Plan

Create an efficient marketing plan based on your product positioning, environment and future goals. From time to time evaluate your actions and adjust the plan accordingly

  • Create a marketing plan and try to stick with it
  • Evaluate your actions from time to time and the results
  • Adjust the plan according to your previous results

Focused Blogging

Create and nurture a quality blog focused on your industry and write interesting articles about your products and their use cases. Search engines love blogs and will boost your ranking

  • Write quality articles for your readers not for Google
  • Include keywords but don't ruin the article quality
  • Publish your articles with a constant weekly frequency

About The Instructor

The instructor is a well experienced web product maker with design, development and online marketing skills. He loves sharing his knowledge to help other people launch products.

  • More than 100 products developed and launched
  • About 2000 students in previous marketing live classes
  • More than 10 years experience making online apps

Great course, I learned so much about creating landing pages that I am sure it was worth every dollar I spent!

Jude Thorn - Designer


For me the best part of the course was the setting objectives chapter and how to evaluate your marketing actions

Roy Smith - Manager


Found the course on an online courses platform and jumped right in. After 1 week I started to see the results

Marsha Singer - Marketer


So excited about my new landing page making course. I just purchased it and can't wait to start learning

Tim Shaw - Designer


Tutor is an outstanding video course about landing page creation. It takes you through all existing stages

Lindsay Spice - Designer


After a few months of course hunting without any breakthrough I stumbled upon Tutor and started to learn

Ann Black - Developer

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Many people attended Stream's Live Class and were happy to learn so much about online marketing. You should join

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