What Will You Learn

Tutor takes you through the entire process of creating an efficient landing page. From setting the objectives and planning the layout to launching the landing page and evaluating the results. It's definitely worth your time and money spent

Main Course Chapters

Tutor landing page creation course is divided in three main chapters. The first one is setting objectives, the second is content creation and the third is HTML coding

Setting Objectives

It's very important to set the objectives right from the start and never lose them from focus

Content Creation

Content is king and it applies to landing page creation too. Make sure you have quality content

HTML Coding

A well coded landing page should load fast, be responsive and ensure an overall great experience

Course Summary

Setting Objectives

1.1 It's very important to set your objectives for the landing page right from the start in order to get results - Free

1.2 The objectives have to be realistic, easy to remember and measurable in order to work and start generating quality leads

1.3 Sketch the entire layout, some of the elements and add the main Call To Action on paper in your notepad quickly

Content Creation

2.1 Create the landing page layout in a graphic design application or in an online builder and add elements - Free

2.2 Use the layout preview created in your favorite image editing program to add content and check out how things will look like

2.3 Find quality images and create videos that explain what your landing page is all about but no longer than a few minutes

From Layout To HTML

3.1 Find a good HTML template as a solid foundation for your online project and get to work with what you've got - Free

3.2 Edit the code using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and for images use an image editing app like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch or Figma

3.3 Upload the project to a live server and make sure your hosting provider is reliable and can handle larger load spikes

Whom Is This Course For

Tutor video course is dedicated to all designers, developers and tech-savvy users that want to create beautiful and efficient landing pages for their products, services and ideas

  • Designers with basic HTML, CSS and Bootstrap coding skills
  • Developers with good coding skills and an eye for design
  • Tech-savvy users that want to create their own landings
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Key Takeaways

At the end of this course you will master the landing page creation process and you will be prepared to create compelling webpages for your products, services and ideas

Defining goals that are realistic, measurable and can be evaluated regularly
Seeing the big picture and understanding that a global project is more successful
Online business is booming and this is the crash course that will get you on top of it
Individual skills that will help you in other areas of your work life like projects
Sketching your ideas with the pen in your notepad helps the creative process
Basic hosting and web skills will come in handy when you will upload on the live server

Course Details

As an additional side note you need to know that Tutor landing page creation course is not theoretical, instead it focuses on real life products and services examples


Author Information

Tutor landing page making video course was created by a talented online marketer with a ton of experience in creating and developing landing pages

  • Good eye for design and passionate of all
  • Techincal skills good Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Proficient in HTML/CSS and some JavaScript

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Tutor is probably one of the best video courses on landing page making in the web industry
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